Thursday, October 16, 2008


Well to start off UEA it was card Thursday at my mom's. Didn't win a game but I did walk away with something even better. My mom gave me her two hundred and something dollar Dooney & Bourke purse. It is the cutest purse ever. I am so excited. Thank you, thank you mom this is the only way I will ever own one. I wish I could post pictures but I can't so you'll just have to see it in person. I am scheduling appointments. Nothing planned for Friday. On Saturday we have a U of U game against Colorado that we will go to as a family. I prefer just Ryan & I but I guess you gotta do what you gotta do. Dang Kids! Oh by the way the person that is suppose to speak with Ryan on Sunday is going to be out of town so guess who the lucky dog is? You got it - ME. This is 2/2 months that I have to speak with him. I had no idea that this calling was for me too or I would have not only said "no" but "hell no" I am so mad. If you have any suggestions of something I could do to not get invited back please let me know.


Grandma Scott said...

A calling for a husband is always a trouble for his wife. You always do a great job of speaking so just enjoy that he is a good man and worthy of a great calling. We had fun on Thur. and I hope you will enjoy the purse. I wish I had one for each of you. Shelby got a cute one too. Natalie is also welcome to go through my purses anytime she wants. Love you all.